About ParkMyCar

The Parking App leading a parking industry into the digital age.
We make parking easy for drivers – whilst helping parking owners and operators manage their assets more effectively

Parking is one of the most difficult and dysfunctional parts of modern city life – and that’s no surprise, as it’s barely changed for decades.

Over 23% of car journeys involve some kind of parking pain – that’s 190 million trips a month – with drivers suffering from both uncertainty (availability, prices, restrictions) and inconvenience (full car parks, slow payments, unfair fines) on a daily basis.

Yet we have the technology to make parking function seamlessly – and so much space is lying underutilized. There has to be a better system…

At Park My Car, we are on a mission to make parking easy. Our 5-star apps help millions of drivers Can enjoy an easier parking experience – and our award-winning car park technology helps over 20,000 parking owners make more efficient use of their assets.
Park My Car is dedicated to solving the parking problem by cracking both sides of the market – making parking easy and efficient for everyone.